This page will house links to sites that I have found interesting and useful,
also highlighting the work of photographic friends and other photographers I admire
and organisations that I affiliate with. It will also be a place where
I might ramble on from time to time... read or ignore as you see fit

Pittwater Camera club Pittwater Camera Club is the premier club on the Northern Beaches of Sydney I can recommend it to any
photographers. The members are friendly and welcoming and comprise of some seriously good photographers
who are happy to pass on their knowledge to the rest of us

Beckham Digital Forum Barry Beckham is an English photographer who now lives in Queensland, his forum has members from all over
the world. He is active as a presenter and judge at camera clubs and has recently been touring NSW visiting
camera clubs for that purpose. The level of expertise on this quite unique forum is outstanding.

Dave Rennie Dave Rennie is a quite brilliant photographer who was this years winner of the Australian Geographic ANZANG
Nature Photographer of the Year. In addition Dave is an enthusiastic advocate for the preservation and upkeep
of the very precious Peel-Harvey Catchment, a wetlands and bird sanctuary close to where he lives in south WA.
Dave was recently featured on the ABCTV program "Australian Story" where his passion for the wetlands
were shown to be a catalyst for his photography. The collection of images on the Dave Rennie site are well worth
the visit. NEWS FLASH!!! Check out Daves recently published book of his best nature images. More details on his

Mark Godfrey I have known Mark for many years and it was a great surprise and pleasure when I joined PCC and found out he was
a long time member of Pittwater Camera Club. Check out his gallery on this link for a look at some great images

John Pettett John is a friend of mine from the Australian Photographic Society and we have shared and critiqued each others
images for some time now. John is one of those photographers that seeks for and finds the unexpected in an image.
It is unusual to view a Pettett image and not be surprised and delighted by the interpretation he has put on the
scene...I can recommend that you check out his website

500px 500px is a breath of fresh air in my view...there are others that provide similar services for photographers but
few that do it as well. I am impressed by the quality work that members submit and I find the international nature
of the membership both exciting and educational.

MUDD CC Stands for "Milton Ulladulla Camera Club" and is my new Camera Club