"Today everything exists to end in a photograph"
Susan Sontag

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The Susan Sontag quote (above) sums up what has become of photography...I'm not clear on when she wrote those words, I'm guessing in her book "On Photography" published in the 1970's. If so, she may have meant something other than than the current phenomenon that is the smart phone.

Until recently my main camera was a Canon 7d Mk1 but in recent times I have become captured by the Fujifilm X range of cameras. This came about because of a bad back and my gradually increasing inability to lug heavy gear all over the countryside in search of images. The mirrorless range of cameras seems to have all the answers for me. They are small and lightweight but can pretty much do everything I demand of a camera. They are also so beautifully designed, a delight to own and beautiful to look at. But the design of the Fuji X range is not just aesthetics, things are as they are for a reason, so well thought out and practical. They are of course fully digital but they handle just like a an analogue camera from the old days. All the important controls (apperture, speed, ISO and focus) are where they should be...to hand. In my view they work as a camera should work.

I started out with the Fuji X-Pro1 which amazed me...so easy to use and delightful to own. The quality was equal in every way with my 7d and it wasn't the weight of a small city. After a couple of years I purchased the Fuji X-T1 which had raised the bar yet again and more recently I bought the X-T2. The Fuji lenses are renowned for being quality optics. Did you ever lust after a Hasselblad? The Hasselblad lenses were manufactured by Fuji. Do you remember the moon landing...camera lenses specially manufactured by Fuji. The main settings on a Fuji X camera are just as you were used to in the film days...on the top of the camera where your hands can reach them quickly.

I was going to sell the 7d Mk1 but it had been a such good friend and in the end I kept it, augmenting it with a Sigma 105mm 2.8 Macro lens. Macro had always been something I had wanted to try. But Canon must have put a spell on the 7d because it because it stopped working and it has beenn retired to a dark cupboard, until I can find a spare $250 the cost of the repair. It is interestiong to see that both Canon and Nikon are now producing mirrorless cameras...that move has been a long time coming and it may be too little too late.

Michael Maher

Sunset in SA