"Today everything exists
to end in a photograph"

Susan Sontag

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The Susan Sontag quote (above) sums up what has become of photography...I'm not clear on when she wrote those words, I'm guessing in her book "On Photography" published in the 1970's. If so, she may have meant something other than than the current phenomenon that is the smart phone. I don't criticise this, I have many photographer friends who use the smart phone and produce magnificent work. But my smart phone is used to make phone calls.

When I made the move from film to digital I opted for Canon as my camera of choice...great camera, and I worked with a number of different models, the last being a 7d. That was wonderful, very fast and ideal for most any style of work but especially good with wild life and birds. I still have the body somewhere. I have become captured by the Fujifilm X range of cameras. This came about because of a bad back. Lugging heavy gear all over the countryside in search of images had lost its charm. Mirrorless cameras have all the answers for me these days. They are relatively small and lightweight but do everything I demand of a camera. Why Fuji and not Sony or the more traditional manufacturers like Canon you might ask? Many brand names have finally recognised that Mirrorless is the future. Perhaps too late? They have certainly lost me and I suggest many others. Fuji attracted me not only with its size and weight bujt its quality build. I love its old "SLR" controls", controls so close to hand like they used to be on any SLR of the time. The Fuji X range are a delight to own and beautiful to look at. The Fuji X range is not just aesthetics, things are as they are for a reason, so well thought out and practical. In my view they work like camera should work. As a film shooter from way back I felt at home when I saw that it had controls just like my old Pentax of the early 70's. Of course the Fuji is a Digital camera and the control dials act accordingly and there is a detailed menu just like my old Canon to allow me to dig deep into the system to the less used options.

Michael Maher

Sunset in SA